[VS / VIP Members-Limited Event] Angels Descending 2016 / Autumn

Dates: September 22nd (Thu) to 25th (Sun), 2016 ・Open: 11:00-17:00 ・Place: Tenshi-no-Sato Kachu-an

☐ Japanese  ☑ English

In Tenshi-no-Sato, we can feel that autumn is coming as the leaves in the mountains are changing their colors.

Now, we are preparing various events and
services for Super Dollfie® owners.
New Ko-Tenshi Super Dollfie® will be unveiled in
“Angels Descending 2016 / Autumn”.
New head mold and Omukae (welcoming) outfit will be available in “Tenshi-no-Sato SD Full Choice System 2016”.
We hope you will have a wonderful time with your Super Dollfie® in its birth place “Tenshi-no-Sato”.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Event After Report
Event Program

* Language: Japanese only

The sales of “Angels Descending / Autumn”-Limited Items * Limited Offer + Limited Quantity Orders.
* Shipments only within Japan.
* No tax exemption for the Limited Quantity Orders.

About Limited-Quantity Orders ▼
Unveiling of new - Super Dollfie®・Pure Skin Bisque OOAK model -
( not available for the customers with
“Tenshi-no-Sato One-day Visitors Pass”)
Unveiling of new Super Dollfie® Midi Coordinate models
Tenshi-no-Sato Super Dollfie® Full Choice System 2016 / Autumn
* Start accepting orders from September 23rd (Fri) ~
( not available for the customers with “Tenshi-no-Sato One-day Visitors Pass”)
Angels Descending 2016 / Autumn
Event Schedule

September 22nd (Thu) to 25th (Sun), 2016
Open: 11:00-17:00

  • * Seasonal Flower Event -September- takes place at the same time
    on September 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun).
    Seasonal Flower: Cosmos / Special Admission Fee: 300 yen (tax included)

Tenshi-no-Sato Kachu-an [ Access ]

◆How to join in the event

VS / VIP Members who live in Japan, and Customers who have “Tenshi-no-Sato One-day Visitors Pass” can enter the facility during the period of the event.

To VS / VIP Members who live in Japan :

To Overseas customers who are visiting Japan for short-time stay :

Limited-Quantity Orders for
【Angels Descending / Autumn Limited Item “SDM Ko-Tenshi Byakuren White Snow Version” 】
Customers who visit us with "Tenshi-no-Sato One-day Visitors Pass" can place an order if you understand the following things.

● We cannot ship your order overseas. Please designate a receiver’s address in Japan.
● Full payment (for the item and shipping fee) is required in advance. No tax exemption.

  • * Quantities are limited. Please note that they might be sold out.
  • * We accept only “one order per person”.
  • * Domestic Shipment Only.
  • * Please understand that we have difficulties in understanding languages except Japanese and English.

Orders will be shipped sequentially from the end October, 2016.
We will update the details on our website as soon as they are confirmed.
Your kind understanding is appreciated.
→ Products [ SDM Ko-Tenshi Byakuren White Snow Version ] *Japanese Site

How to enter the facility
Admission for September 22nd (Thu)

Admission for September 23rd (Fri) ~ 25th (Sun)
will be on first-come, first-served basis.

  • *There is a possibility that we decide to have an admission lottery considering the situation at 10:00. Please follow the instructions given by our staff. Your kind understanding is appreciated.
  • * Please be sure to bring VOLKS Point Card and Identification.
  • * Seasonal Flower Event will take place at the same time on September 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun), special admission fee 300 yen (tax included) is required.
  • * Customers with "Tenshi-no-Sato One-day Visitors Pass (300 yen per person)"do not need to pay special admission fee for Seasonal Flower Event.

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  • 〒616-8371
    12 Saga Tenryuji Wakamiyacho,
    Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City,
    Kyoto, Japan
  • TEL:(81) 075-872-3100
    FAX:(81) 075-862-1081
  • Opening Hours: 11:00~17:00 (JST)
    (Closed on Wednesday & Thursday)

* Last admission is half an hour before closing.

* Children below elementary school age (under 12 years old) cannot enter Tenshi-no-Sato Kachu-an.

Tenshi-no-Sato Kachu-an How to Access

By public transportation
▪Take JR Sagano Line to Saga-Arashiyama. Exit station from north exit, and walk about 5 minutes.
▪Take Keifuku Electric Railroad (Randen) Arashiyama Line to Randen-Saga station, and walk about 10 minutes.

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