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Regarding Illegal Copies of Super Dollfie®(April 3, 2015)

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Please be careful about Illegal Copies of Super Dollfie®.

Recently we have received many reports about illegal copies of Super Dollfie® which are called as "Foreign-Made Super Dollfie® (SD)".

Please be careful about the products listed below.

  • ①Products which are sold on the Internet as "Foreign-Made Super Dollfie® (SD)".
    "Super Dollfie®" dolls are manufactured only in Japan. There is no "Super Dollfie®" dolls manufactured in foreign countries.

  • ②Products which are sold on the Internet as if they were the official items by using official images of VOLKS Inc.
    They can be illegal copies. Please don't judge by the images and prices, and be careful when purchasing products from the stores other than VOLKS stores.

  • ③Products sold mainly by Internet stores which allow customers to choose skin colors of Super Dollfie® Limited Models.
    All of the products sold by these kinds of stores are illegal copies.

  • Q.What are "Illegal Copies" or "Recast Items" of Super Dollfie®?
  • A.We produce SD by molds and are casted with thermosetting resins called Urethane.
    However it can be reproduced by making a mold from an already existing SD. These reproduced items are called "Recast Items".
    It is prohibited to exchange, sell, or share these "Recast Items"; (which were illegally reproduced from copyrighted products without permission) with any third parties beyond personal use.

All of the "Super Dollfie®" and other related products are only sold directly thorough Volks Stores and Volks Website Store.
Please be careful about illegal copies and imitation items.

"Super Dollfie®" is the registered trademark of VOLKS INC. All rights are reserved.

The trademark "Super Dollfie®" is not for all the "Cast Doll" or "Doll".

These illegal items are not covered in any way by our warranty.

Also, when an item a customer brings to "Parts-Exchange Service" or "Satogaeri Service" turns out to be an illegal copy, it will be returned at customer's expense.

"Super Dollfie®" dolls are manufactured only in Japan.

There is no "Super Dollfie®" dolls manufactured in foreign countries.

Except a few Collaboration Items, all of the "Super Dollfie®" and other related products are only sold directly thorough Volks Stores and Volks Website Store.
There are only 2 official stores & 1 VOLKS Partner Shop overseas.

Contacting Us about Illegal Products

Please contact us at the email address below if you find any illegal copies of Super Dollfie®, Dollfie Dream®, and their related items.

Please understand that we may not be able to answer each single question about illegal items, nor can we offer any kind of authentication services.

How we have responded to illegal items.
  • In 2003, Kyoto Prefectural Police arrested a vendor which manufactured and sold illegal copies of Super Dollfie® in Japan.
  • Around that time, dolls called "Cast Doll" which had similar characteristics as Super Dollfie® (Ball-Jointed Doll Casted in Urethane Resin) started to be sold on the Internet in Asian countries.

Unfortunately, dead copies of Super Dollfie® and imitation items that were made slightly different from the original ones in order to get around the law had been found there, so we took measures against that. We cooperated with customs to prevent the inflow of illegal items, and banned all the foreign-made dolls in our events including Dolls Party.

  • In recent years, we have received more reports about recast items of Volks Original items being sold by online stores or at auction.
    In particular, all of the items sold by the online shop which uses the images of Super Dollfie® Limited Models and allows customers to choose the skin colors are recast items.

Some of these items are called by misleading names like "Foreign-Made SD", or falsely sold inside Japan as second-hand VOLKS products.
These kinds of cases have been found in the items customers bring to "Parts-Exchange Service".

  • We are consulting lawyers to take appropriate legal steps.
    And when we confirm that illegal copies are sold on online consignment store, we immediately ask the store to stop selling the items.
    We also urge our customers to take precautions to prevent the spread of damage.

To ensure that you can enjoy your life with Super Dollfie® in relief

Super Dollfie® is sold at Volks Stores.
"Standard Model" and "Full-Choice Model" are available there at any time.

  • Standard Model
    They are always available at Volks Stores.
    If some types are sold out, you can purchase them by placing an order.
  • Full Choice Model
    The order is accepted at SD Specialized Stores, and it will be handcrafted one by one.
    You can create your dream Super Dollfie® by choosing each part of body; only for head part, there are dozens of type for your choice.

If you have any questions about Super Dollfie®, please feel free to contact us.

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