[VS/VIP会員様限定] 天使の里 十四周年記念フェア

開催日:2018年 6月16日(土)~6月25日(月)
※2018年6月16日(土)~18日(月):四季の華の会―水無月― 同時開催

☑日本語  ☐English

☐日本語  ☑English


京都・嵯峨嵐山に「天使の里 霞中庵」が開設されて14年の月日を迎えました。



緑濃くなる京都 天使の里にて

株式会社ボークス 代表取締役 株式会社ボークス 代表 重田英行

Event Program
ドルフィー®☆感謝プレゼント ~20th Anniversary COOKIE~
天使の里 十四周年記念 限定商品販売
* 販売方法変更
SDミディ コーディネートモデル
SDワンオフモデル お披露目
SDGr 夢天使 霞 お披露目
四季の華の会 -水無月-開催
「天使の里 SDフルチョイスシステム 2018・夏」お披露目&「天使の里・特別フルチョイス 2018年夏の期間限定パーツ」

● 天使の里 SDフルチョイスシステム 2018・夏 -NEW!-
● 天使の里・特別フルチョイス 2018年夏の期間限定パーツ -NEW!-

  • ※画像はすべてイメージです。
  • ※ご案内内容は、予告なく変更となる場合がございます。ご了承くださいませ。

日本語 English

VS / VIP Members-Limited Event
Tenshi-no-Sato 14th Anniversary Fair

June 16th (Sat)June 25th (Mon), 2018 (JST)
Open: 11:00AM~5:00PM(JST)
* Seasonal Flower Event ~June~ will take place at the same time
 on June 16th (Sat) ~ June 18th (Mon), 2018


Tenshi-no-Sato Kachu-an Access ▼

How to join
in the event

【How to join in the event】

◇Only VOLKS VS / VIP members and V Point members with reservations can visit there.

How to enter the facility
Admission for June 16th (Sat), 2018 (JST)

  • Based on the lottery numbers you draw,
    we will ask which line you’d like to line up for (there are 3 lines).
    * Admission lottery cannot guarantee that you can purchase the items you want.
    * Please note that the items may be sold out.
    Limited Item Waiting LineFor customers who’d like to purchase a New Ko-Tenshi Super Dollfie® Coordinate Model Waiting LineFor customers who’d like to purchase a Coordinate model Regular Waiting LineFor customers who’d like to visit B1F Tenshi-no-Sato Shop.
    For customers who’d like to look around Tenshi-no-Sato or use photo-shooting space.
  • To Japanese Site

  • To Japanese Site

  • To Japanese Site

  • 地下1階
    [ Please note ]
    When you visit B1F Tenshi-no-Sato Shop
    ・Please do not bring a big luggage or a carry case.
    ・No photographing is allowed in B1F. Please do not bring any photography equipment.
    * Please put your stuff in the cloakroom (charge-free) before visiting B1F.

Admission for the Tenshi-no-Sato during the period from June 17th (Sun) to June 25th (Mon), 2018 (JST)
will be on first-come, first-served basis.

  • *There is a possibility that we decide to have an admission lottery considering the situation at 10:00 AM.
     Please follow the instructions given by our staff. Your kind understanding is appreciated.
  • * Please be sure to bring VOLKS Point Card and Identification.
  • * "Tenshi-no-Sato One-day Visitors Pass" is 300 JPY per person per day during the event.

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  • 〒616-8371
    12 Saga Tenryuji Wakamiyacho,
    Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City,
    Kyoto, Japan
  • TEL:(81) 075-872-3100
    FAX:(81) 075-862-1081
  • Opening Hours: 11:00~17:00 (JST)
    (Closed on Wednesday & Thursday)

* Last admission is half an hour before closing.

* Children below elementary school age (under 12 years old) cannot enter Tenshi-no-Sato Kachu-an.

Tenshi-no-Sato Kachu-an How to Access

By public transportation
▪Take JR Sagano Line to Saga-Arashiyama. Exit station from north exit, and walk about 5 minutes.
▪Take Keifuku Electric Railroad (Randen) Arashiyama Line to Randen-Saga station, and walk about 10 minutes.

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