Dollfie Memorial Year 20th

Project #02 Dollfie®☆The Best Selection!

Dollfie®☆The Best Selection!

Your popular vote will help decide the next Dollfie®!
The beloved project "Dollfie® ☆ the Best Selection" is back once again!

This time, it looks back on 20 years history of Dollfie®.
VOLKS Sales Department and Doll Design Department carefully select popular Dollfie® and outfits from all the items which have been released in the past 20 years and nominate them in this contest.
We will collect survey responses from Dollfie® fans from all over the world to see what they would like re-released!

The item which was not chosen last time still has a chance to win!
We are looking forward to receiving your feedback!

How to Vote through the Dollfie 20th Anniversary Project Special Website
3rd Voting Period From June 1st, 2018
to July 6th, 2018
the 3rd Theme
  • Super Dollfie® Limited Models: MSD, MSDB, SDM, SDMB, SDCute, SDCuteB
  • Dollfie Dream® Collaboration Models: MDD, DDP
  • Outfit: Personnelle Collection Pink label,
    White Rose Collection

We have stopped accepting the votes.
Thank you very much for so many votes from all over the world.

From July 27, 2018 we will start accepting the votes for the 4th round of the Best Selection!
Please do look forward to that!

the 2nd Theme
Super Dollfie® Limited Models: SDB, SD13B, SDGrB, SD16B, SD17B, SDGOU
Dollfie Dream® Collaboration Models: DDS, DDdy

* We have stopped accepting the 2nd voting.

the 1st Theme
Super Dollfie® Limited Models: SD, SD13, SDGr, SD16
Dollfie Dream® Collaboration Models: DD
Outfit: Super Dollfie® Full Choice System Optional Item / Omukae(Welcoming) Outfit

* We have stopped accepting the 1st voting.